Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I laugh out loud on the Luas.....alone

People often tell me that i think to much. I agree. Problem is that if I am not thinking about something I get really bored and generally want to go to sleep.

Well this evening I was on the Luas and was thinking about misheard lyrics. You all know some and there are sites dedicated to them like Am I Right? Well I was sitting there thinking about ones I had heard before and the best one to date is from U2's Mysterious Way's.

Original "She moves in mysterious ways"
Misheard "Shamu the mysterious whale"

I'm sorry but the thought of Bono singing about a mysterious whale just set me into a fit of laughter. Now if I had earphones on or something I would have been fine but no.... A little old lady who was sitting next me turned, stared and moved to another seat. In fact it was her moving that got people staring to be honest, probably thought I was laughing at her or something.

So anyway I carried on looking out the window pretending to be normal when I remembered a friend who used to insert a very racist comment into Christy Moore's song A Biko Drum. He did this completely unintentionally and when I said it to him he could not believe what he had been singing for years.

Original "All the Blacks and the Colours play the Biko drum"
Misheard "All the Blacks in the corner play the Biko drum"

So anyway I was thinking of this and let out another guffaw. Thankfully we were pulling into Windy Arbour so I was able to escape the stares.

Moral of the story is always to wear headphones when alone on the Luas. Please feel free to share any misheard lyrics!!


  1. Since I was very young (ok about 12 or 13), the Scorpions song "Rock You Like A Hurricaine" always sounded like it was saying "Raunchy like an Earth maid".

  2. Ahem...U2, Sunday Bloody Sunday. I always thought it was "The victory cheese has won."

  3. This lade me laugh. Only the other day I was singing "I put out to riot" and my sister said its 'predict' - I always knew it didn't make sense.