Monday, June 11, 2007

Blogging is my mistress

I have a problem.

Some of you know I already have a blog of my own that I post to using my real name. That means there are certain things I can't say there. I've always accepted that as being fine but here I don't have that problem. Here as well I get feedback and a sense of community I don't get from my own blog. I don't have many commenters there.

So, as a result, I've been neglecting my own blog and devoting almost all of my blogging time here. It's just not any fun back at my old blog anymore. Maybe the time has come to move on? This leads me to the disturbing question that's been rattling around in my head all weekend.

Am I cheating on my blog?

This makes me a bad person. I don't like that. Now I feel guilty (although I couldn't be writing this post there so this isn't too bad).

Don't rat me out, please?


  1. So, before, you kinda typed with one hand, pleasuring yourself over at 't other blog. Now, you've gotten yourself into a group situation, and there are participants all reaching into..........the blog, all getting mutual satisfaction.

    Just tidy up when you're done.

  2. We are programmed to be faithful but also programmed to be naughty... don't beat yourself up - just enjoy!!!

  3. Its funny cause I understand exactly what you mean, my own personal blog has suffered also since I am enjoying my time here, also the fact that people are posting so frequently makes it hard for me to go look at other blogs in my own sort of genre. I think the way I am gonna do this is by posting from work (when time allows) on this blog and post from home on my other blog then I dont feel like such a whore.

  4. Sure the novelty will wear off soon and you'll move onto another one! You are a serial monogomist, you can't keep up two at the same time:-}