Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Style !?

What’s your opinion about the latest trends???.. Babydoll dresses with various patterns that favour no one… all girls look like have no waist and make everyone look like a tent – what’s sexy about that? Never mind the patterns that make everyone look like clown’s little sister…
Babydoll + orange tan+ ugg boots = the latest disgrace to anything that’s feminine… Where is the female pride gone?? Where is the individuality??
A piece of clothing is there to express who we are; it reflects how we see the world and the colours may express how we feel. There are so many messages about our uniqueness in what we wear. What does the dolly dress has to express?? – Perhaps invitation to paedophiles!
In my opinion is so easy to stand out – you simply don’t buy the uniform that everyone seams to wear – how simple!
In saying this I LOVE the maxi dress – this brings out the groovy mood - it accentuates the feminine curves in all the right places and hmm hides what needs to be hidden.
My style philosophy when it comes to clothes and accessories “less is more”. Well it certainly seams that we need less of orange tan, less of babydoll and more of a style!!!

Any comments?


  1. Not my area of expertise strictly :-) Welcome Frank - congratulations on your first post!

  2. Hmm I would have to agree with someone living I dont know much about fashion, as Mr Living will back me up on, but one thing that really pisses me off is people arriving to my place of work for lets say a meeting, I work in a basement you see with very little sunlight, so why oh why do they have to wear shades in this room?? also why do they have to cover half their faces, and why do they need to wear sunglasses when its lashing rain???? That for me is the biggest question of all.

  3. Frank, it's fear I suppose, people wear a uniform because they have no confidence, they don't want to look different from everyone else, lets just blend in. Personally I hate those tops/dresses I have a two month old baby and spent five months in maternity wear! So why would I want to dress like I'm still pregnant. I think anyone can wear fashionable clothes but few have style!
    Sunglasses indoors...no way, are they all hungover( only once was I that hung over, never again)!

  4. Shades in the basement? Maybe someone has stolen their souls and they want to hide the fact. They do work in the media after all.