Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fear of aging?

A friendly neighbor of ours just turned fifty. For some reason I've had some odd dreams the last few nights as a result. The first: that he had a heart attack and died days after his birthday party.

Then came the one this morning where he's stumbling drunk up the sidewalk with his (sober) wife to their house, only to fall and hit his head on a small brick wall that doesn't exist in reality. In the dream they were able to get him into their house and he was okay, but the scene carried an odd threat in it.

What the hell?!


  1. I just don't have dreams. Almost never. People think I'm a serial killer as a result.

  2. Well they do say all dreams have a meaning and yours sounds like it wants you to lay of the drink for at least 3 months and stay safe. the heart attack thats a hard one possibly something something to do with Mc Donalds bringing out some new fat, which was in the papers yesterday.

  3. .. yes dreams have meaning - perhaps you are dreading the big 5o?! or the idea of getting old..

  4. someone living - you do have dreams, you just don't remember 'em. Honest.Lots of people make this claim, but I don't think they're serial killers... If you want to check, set your alarm for about 4 in the morning, and see if you catch one then. And get yourself a dream catcher!

    I have a book of spells (!) that lists herbs that promote various sorts of dreams - mugwort tea or oil apparently helps you remember! Vanilla pod for romantic or erotic ones...
    And for a 'remember your dreams' bath, 4 drops of juniper essential oil,
    4 drops lavender oil,
    4 drops mimosa oil.

    I'm all about the spells today....