Sunday, June 24, 2007

I hate grass.

Yes I hate the green green grass of home.

I am lucky to own my own house, and it has a garden, well 2 if you count back and front. At present I have done very little with said gardens, because we will be extending out back at some point soon, so there aint no point landscaping it etc, so what do I have, grass, grass and more feckin grass.

So I spend the summer cutting the stuff, only for it to rain during the week meaning I have to cut it again on my weekend off. It never stops growing, but why oh why does it have to grow so friggin quickly.

Bring in the concrete!

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  1. You know Sean when my wife was reading here this morning and saw th headline and the picyure she said "So, is that our lawn or is that a picture you got off the net?"

    Finally someone who shares my pain. I have a long back garden and, ahem, let it slide so badly this year that I had to get a professional company in a couple of months ago. It looked like hobos lived in our back garden.

    Even now I haven't cut it since then. It needs a cut now. I know I have to do it. But... the lawnmower's broken.

    My name is SL and I have a gardening problem.