Monday, June 25, 2007

What age are you in your own head?

Someone Living was blogging earlier about his first grey eyebrow hair. This really got me thinking about age and how we all see ourselves. No-one actually thinks they are their own age do they? You know when you’re talking to someone and you say “blah blah happened about 5 or 6 years ago…” and then you realise it was more like 20 years ago! What age do you actually think you are in your head? I think I’m about 27 and actually I’m 35.
I was shopping yesterday with my teenager and found myself ooooooogling and aaaahhhhing over things that look like this:

When really I should have been in M&S granny department looking at things like this:

What's even more upsetting is that I'm 147 on Mercury!


  1. Now you said it I know what you’re talking about I am 32 and feel like 27 as well. Whenever someone asks my age I seriously have to think about it. Also when I’m writing a date the year 2007 somehow doesn’t come naturally – again I have to pause and think ---
    Regarding clothing - how many times you see people dressed in odd combinations and colours , layers, patterns etc What image of themselves do they have?/ Here ‘s something that puzzles me about German trend… they seam to be stuck in 80’s ! --(In one of my comments I have described the 3 old ladies dressed like kiddies in pink tracksuits with white runners eating cereal)… I’m guessing one explanation is the age …. Seeing the kiddies running around yesterday at the bbq- my god they had some fun! Also the tequila shots were fun especially the salt “white lines” ritual…. hmmmm
    Here’s a question – what age is FUN? Does fun have age??

  2. Frank while you're wondering about the Germans, why do all the males have mullets? Seriously it's upsetting.

  3. I like the heart design on the cardi tbh, the other yolk is way to colourful for me.

  4. Tequila shots? I don't remember any tequila shots. As for age? I'm a 34 year old parent and still feel about 22. I am the dad who's going to roundly embarass his kids when they grow up.