Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fake tan application and trust

I was asking the partner last night to put some fake tan (the gradual stuff, the stuff that has tanner in the moisturizer) on my back. He complied, and then went and wrote with his fingers our initials, with the classic heart between them. Thankfully, he then wiped them out, but I realized that it's quite a level of trust to:

1. See a woman naked with the light on
2. Apply fake tan to her
3. Apply fake tan to her back, where she can't reach it and since she's such a control freak, fix what she thinks you've gone and done wrong.

Not that I think he's done it wrong (of course, I can't see my back in the mirror, can I?), but what if he hadn't wiped it out? Maybe I should re-title this to be something about control freaks. Even tho I'm not one.

Around the dinner tonight with friends, we ended up with the best back graffitti yet: "For a good time..." and an arrow pointing downwards.

Gods this went all askew. Right. Normal posting will resume once the wine has worn off.


  1. Ok from now on Polka is only allowed to post after imbibing a litre or two of wine. I love this post.

  2. Absolutely! Let's start a "Keep Polka Drunk" campaign! This is almost as good as her dissection of the lack of stripped to the torso actors in Studio 60: