Thursday, June 28, 2007

What Now for this SAHP?

It's 6am. I've been up since 4. This is my last day at work.....EVER!!! Sounds dramatic doesn't it? I couldn't sleep at all. There's lots more going on than just stopping work but that's what I'll focus on for this post. I now become an SAHP...yeah yeah no smart comments about always being a SAP thanks very much. I mean a "stay at home person". I'm sure I should link to WIKI here but my internet connection is a tad ropey today and I'm afraid to do too much!
Anyway, to all you stay at home people; what happens now? I didn't want to spout the usual cliches about "loss of identity" but maybe they're true. Maybe I will feel like I have lost something at least. Right now I'm bloody chuffed and a little bit scared! Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow morning and wonder what the hell have I done. Maybe I shoulda thought of that sooner says you!!!

UPDATE: I've just read MW's post on a similar topic. That'll teach me to jump right in!


  1. Hope you are enjoying your last day! It's a new chapter of your life when you saty at home, but you can out your energy into different things, like your two fosterinos, you aren't gonna have much time with three kids!!! I suppose my post says friendships and support from friends becomes more important, you aren't working, so you have more time to think!

  2. Hi Aqa. Pleased as punch that you chose to spend part of such an important day rambling with us. MW is definitely the accredited world expert among us on this subject. Polka is too much of a globetrotter :) And anyway, you are in the company of many SAHPs.

  3. Cheers MW and SL. It's going brilliantly so far; even had a walk in a forest park which makes it perfect!