Thursday, July 12, 2007

Appologies, I have neglected you blog

Hello All,

Ok I know I have been missing and there is no excuse - except mine...... My piece of s*^t Computer has decided to self distruct so I have parted company with him ( has to be a male a female never lets you down ). Someone gave me a lap top which is the spawn of satan. Several times I have packed off small child to bed got my mug of tea to happily spend time with you all but it is not to be! Firstly it takes at least 10 mins for desk top to load and internet to connect. ( keep it in mind I pay €50 a month for that pleasure) Then when it does lead me to this glorious site it shuts off before I get to post or half way through! So I admit I have given up. Happily to say this is a work computer and Im not paying for it. So here I am blog I'm thinking it is time to get a new computer. Also I have become pat the baker or as close as can be. I have had several sleepless nights over icing and sponges, and tomorow night I have a lovely 21st to cater for, with only 200 people to feed! I'll be a basket case on Friday but thats normal. So to our fearless leader....... I POSTED!!!!!! I will continue but give me today and tomorow off please??


  1. you must be having nightmares about your sponges not know anytime you need a hand I can help out, you'd have to pay me in beer though!

  2. Welcome back pen - work gets in the way of my blogging too :(

  3. Who in the name of Jaysus has 200 people at a 21st? Is that what the kids do now? I remember mine fondly. About 8 of us siting in the back bar of The Sheds in Clontarf telling Gerry the barman how much we loved him for fear he'd do the maths and work out that we'd be drinking there for 4 years at the time.

    BTW....I have nightmares about my sponges not rising but I'm told it shouldn't affect me for some time yet.