Saturday, July 14, 2007

Artic Monkeys!

Fluorescent adolescent is the new single from the Artic Monkeys, now at 34 my adolescent days are long behind me and my nine year old sons adolescence is beckoning! But this song has been playing on my mind for some weeks now, and I've been debating whether or not to post about it.

"You used to get it in your fishnets, now you only get it in your nightdress, Swapped all you naughty nights for niceness, Landed in a very common crisis"

The whole song speaks to me in it's depiction of middle age. It's written by guys who I don't think have even seen their twenties, I think when I was twenty, thirty somethings didn't register on my radar, they were old, had children, mortgages. Little did I know that at 24 I'd have the first of three kids. So I have to admit I'm one of those awful thirty somethings who likes modern music, often watching music channels and telling people what they should be listening to. I also try the new fashion trends if i think I'll get away with it.... I know I should go with the rule that if you wore it first time around you are too old to wear it now! But I don't!

I still get it in my fishnets...often they are torn off, and my naughty nights stretch before me at least until the menopause! I'm nice, I'm ms. middle class mummy! But turn down the lights and I let rip. I honestly can't imagine anything worse than being "nice", where the hell does that get anyone?

So I'm gonna embarrass my weenies when they are teenagers, just cos they discover sex drugs and rock and roll doesn't mean I'm gonna give them up!


  1. There's nothing in being "nice"! And about time we had a post at least obliquely referring to your sex life :)

    As for Alex Turner he's a genius.

  2. I love the Artic monkeys. I think they have wisdom and insight and empathy beyong their years. And bangin choons...

    I still wish they'd been around when I was 15 though - you're right about not giving up your fun, but it still would have been more fun then... for instance, then I would have gone to see them instead of sitting around being heavily pregnant and uncomfortable :(

  3. Jo, it'll pass, you'll be out there in your fishmets again!!! My husband brought our nine year old to see them in Malahide castle, he loves them. Someone, maybe I should set up an over 21 sign to warn people of the content of my posts?

  4. Yeah, imagine if you were an innocent 15 year old Artic Monkeys fan, and you stumbled on a post about them, and then traumatically it turned out to be someone's mum talking about getting it in her fishnets! Would you wver recover?!


  5. I don't know Jo, some 15 year old boys would find that exciting:-} And I really don't care if people think you shouldn't do naughty things anymore just cos your a mum. I consider myself an extremely good mother (I have the same doubts everyone has) I've been doing it 9.25 years now, all the kids are fine, still alive, great craic, lovley little people but I also have a full life. One day they'll be gone, and I don't want to then start pestering them to have grandchildren just so I have something else to do. In the past I've put my self on hold. Almost playing the role of perfect wife and mother, wholesome and sweet, no space at all for me...not anymore, life is short. Its a cliche but it damn well is short. No Regrets!