Monday, July 16, 2007

But is it art?

Now that Shanachie has shown me how to embed videos I thought I might share a few things I find interesting with you.

I spend a lot of time watching Sky Arts. It's surprisingly good for something with the Sky logo with everything from opera to jazz to blues to documentaries about sculpture, art, gardens and everything in between.

Artland USA is particularly good if you can get over the two twits presenting it. It's a 10,000 mile road trip across the USA looking at famous and not so famous art. Episode one covered broad swathes from the architecture of The Salk Institute to Tim Hawkinson's Bear sculpture in the University Of California, San Diego

(yes they are giant, non-sculpted boulders in the form of a teddy) to surfboard art at Son Of The Sea.

It's all reawakened my interest in particularly modern art and a few things are worth sharing.

Antony Gormley is the guy who designed the Angel Of The North in Gateshead and is also responsible for these:

Gilbert & George are just complete loopers:

Damien Hirst may not be for the faint of stomach:

You either get Banksy or you don't:

Maybe you'll find something new you might like. Or start to worry about my tv viewing habits.



  1. I LOVE them all! Thanks for that! The only one of those artists I've actually seen in the flesh (not literally, I mean their work) is Hirst. In Washington. Got quite carried away. Loved it. It involved a pair of overalls! LOL!