Monday, July 16, 2007

I have OCD ( I think)

Ok I am freaking myself out. I have tiny little blue and white tiles in my bath room that i have to count, while on the loo or in the shower or brushing my teeth. Does it matter that i know its 15 across and 10 down in each tile? Or that there are 8 large tiles high and 26 across! Now I have progressed to the lino. It doesn't stop there I count windows while sitting out in my front garden. I count the peas on my plate and the sequins on my favourite top. I think I have developed a problem. It used to drive my mad when my Mother waved at a mag pie but now I not only wave at them but I count them on the drive to my Mothers from mine ( dangerous I know). I also think something bad will happen if I don't do something or say something at the weirdest times! I'm going mad or I need help. Please tell me that I'm not alone.


  1. Nope, not alone at all Pen. Tons of people obsess about the little details like this every day. Not me you understand. The REAL loopers ;)

    You don't need to start worrying about it til you start having to wash your hands 23 times before you go to bed.

  2. Actually I think lots of people might have, or develop a little OCD. How much does it bother you that you're doing this stuff?

    It's really really easy to form stupid habits - I pull my hair out... and I just started randomly, and ten years later still can't stop! Now I know that's nuts.

    Cognitive behavioual therapy is probably the best way to reroute your little habits if you don't like them.

    Or Neuro Linguistic Programming - have you seen Paul mcKenna the hypnotherapist showing how to do tapping?

  3. Excellent I am not alone. I salute singular magpies and as I pass a park on my way to work I have to do this frequently. Needless to say a lot of people going the other way think I am waving and so politely wave back. Also if I bang my elbow I immediately have to bang the other one. And my favourite, I only eat even numbers of food ie 2 or 4 scoops of mash / ice cream etc, never 3. ever!! 4 fish fingers... you get the picture. Oh must point out I dont count peas individually just spoons of. Do you feel quite normal now.

  4. Who doesn't do the magpie thing? Except I learned you spit at them, which I'm much to genteel to atually do, so I just make a hoc-ptooey noise instead!

  5. Actually, I've never gotten that magpie thing. Is it bad luck not to wave at them or something? I used to be a bit OCDish, then decided I didnt want to be anymore, so I just said to myself 1 day, Im not going to do it today and if nothing too bad happens then I wont do it ever again. Seems to have worked.