Monday, July 16, 2007

Sentimental Journey

I moved house 3 months ago and hadn't gotten around to unpacking some of my boxes of "stuff" that I less frequently use. I still haven't finished but had to stop as I was spending more time reminiscing. I never realised what a hoarder I was or quite how sentimental. In this box I discovered... my positive pregnancy test (yep almost 4 years old) honest! all my doctors visit cards from my pregnancy, a book I had from 1985 that I had gotten all my friends at the time to write in. Birthday cards that my Gran had sent me and the only one I still have that I sent her on her last Mothers day (she kept all my cards but they were thrown out by mistake after she died). A postcard from America dated dated September 11th 1998. My Blood Brother and Miss Saigon tickets. I have photos of the first house I bought being built in 1994. The invitation I received over 7 years ago to a party where I first met my partner (not allowed say boyfriend MW will jeer me). My 1st payslip (£74 a week). The sign from my door from my Mams house you know the old fashioned ones with the flowers on them PiP's Room. Suffice it to say that it has taken me over 2 and a half hours to empty this box and fill a drawer with my stuff and I am still not finished.


  1. Thank God PiP I'm not the only one who obsessively hoards everything! I have cigar boxes from childhood full of the most seemigly unimportant stuff (including the ticket from the first film I ever saw in a multiplex - the newly opened UCI Tallaght, anyone?)

    Stuff that's important to you is always good for a trip down memory lane or, as is my case mostly, amnesia avenue.

  2. I'm awful, I keep loads of things for the kids, pictures and clothing and remember when they were little, but I keep nothing of sentimental value of me, I've moved so many different times I've grown used to being ruthless and shedding the debris, now my husband, well that's another story!

  3. There's actually two shoe boxes sitting in the bottom of my wardrobe with stuff like that. It's nice to look back at stuff every now and then! Hope you kept it all.