Monday, July 16, 2007

I hate grass Part 2

Well since my last post on my grass situation, I have managed to keep the grass down by giving it a twice a week hair cut. I feel so proud and get this because I am doing it so frequently the grass is starting to win the battle aginst the weeds, horrah.

So why do I still hate it, my garden looks well... the grass had got its green back... its under control...

But the slugs have gone out of control.

Now dont get me wrong I am a massive nature lover, but what is their purpose, and why the hell do I have so many of the bastards.

Last night I went outside to have a cigarette, since I never smoke in the house, and my beautiful green grass had turned to black and was moving, albeit slowly. I must have counted at least 70 of the feckers writhing across the lawn all on a mission to destroy any plant that cost me money. Also get this there was about 6 pairs getting it on (which in itself was something I had never seen) and 3 others laying eggs.

I woke up this morning to find about 8 piles of white eggs scattered around the garden, and these were the ones that were easy to spot, as some of the piles were higher then my freshly cut grass!!!

So tonight I will take battle with these squaters in my garden, nothing like a tin can half filled with beer in a hole in the ground, as I cant have my 11 month 3 week old who is starting to walk stepping on them. I wont put up any pictures of the goo that will greet me in the morning. As I said I love nature but when nature starts to own whats mine, thats a different matter.


  1. Oh my God! That is kerazee! Slugs laying EGGS on your LAWN!! May the force be with you in your battle against the slugs.

  2. I shall take a picture if I can of an egg pile tonight if I can, Slugs getting it on was a first for me and kinda amusing but the eggs as you say crazy, and not hidden or anything, ready to be squished if you ask me.

  3. I hate them. they are just awful, like moving bowel movements! yuck!Kill them! Kill them all!

  4. Hmmmm an army of slugs...

    I think you should use mind manipulation on them and have this powerful force as your own personal army...

  5. I just picked one up accidently while bringing recycling to the dump. Scrubbed my hand with bleach and I can still feel it may have to chop hand off nasty little buggers. Ate all my lovely strawberries last year dispite the expensive scattering of slug pellets which they seems to be immune to!

  6. I'm with Idiot on this one. A slimy, tiny, army of squishy foot soldiers to do your bidding. Sweet.