Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Really, Really bad Day!

I'm finding it extremely difficult to be positive today.....Another rainy day, kids have been off school for three weeks now. Yesterday my three month old slept for a total of 15 minutes during the day....he was grizzly and narky, then while I was preparing the tea, and he was sitting in his little bouncer he had a poo so massive it seeped out and managed to destroy the chair!! My three year old was in needy, needy mood, and she let me suffer her dark mood for the entire day, last night though I escaped for a couple of hours out to dinner with an old friend, it was lovely and I came home feeling recharged!

This morning still on a positive trip I dispatched hubby to work and daughter to Montessori summer camp thing(?) then nine year old, three month old and I headed to the supermarket, I had foolishly decided to skip the online shop this week and chance the fortnightly shop in person....remember now I have to stock up on essentials in the freezer and cupboards for my family while I'm away! My nine year old guy is a little hero and he was running around getting all the things I'd forgotten, but my bambino decided half way through the shop that it was a good time to have a total freak out, what could I do? The trolley was already 2/3 full and I still had loads to do, do I just leave the trolley in the middle of the shop, no I hug him to my shoulder, trying to restrain his mad bopping head and continued to ignore the tut tuts of the old dears and pushing the trolley with one hand while my son pulled it made our way around the rest of the shop, and then home, unloading the kids and shopping in the pouring rain.

Shopping unpacked and pizza in the oven for the kids lunch (and a scalding hot cup of coffee and Jam donut swallowed whole)(I'm at that time of the month where sugar is a food group and I don't really care if I get diabetes) I headed out with my boys to pick up my daughter, now when she comes out of "school" she's always sweet as pie, she runs out and is always delighted to see me, she gets into the car, has her drink of milk (if that's not there she freaks out). As soon as we get home she's like temper tantrum child. So today she didn't want her chicken pizza for lunch, so I gave her some of my rice which she then refused to eat, now my general attitude to refusing to eat is just ignoring it, but today she was standing in front of me and screaming in my face!

So it's the old three strikes and you're out rule, I told her if she didn't sit down and stop screaming at me that she'd have to go to the "Step (of dooom!)", three strikes, my heart is hammering in my chest, I haven't stopped since I got out of bed, and all through this the baby is grizzling and the eldest is winding her up even more, I swoop her up, out to the hall, she's all screaming and shouting, head legs, arms all flaying, I sit her down on the step and I get a full on scream of evil in my face, what do I do? Retain my dignity? Go inside, sit down tune out? No, no not today, I scream back at her (please don't comment on how this is SO the wrong thing to do, I know it is, I was kicking myself as I did it), of course this didn't solve the problem, now as I walk away she was wailing like a Banshee, I get into the sitting room, ask my son to watch the baby for a minute, all the time muttering to myself like a deranged cat woman, I slam the kitchen door, slump on to the ground and take my phone out of my pocket to call my hubby seeking reassurance of some sort!

Oh Shit! Turns out my phone had made a phone call during the tirade, it had called my father in laws mobile phone, same father in law we had a falling out with over three weeks ago , just as i looked at the duration of the call he hung up! Oh god! Like the worst person to hear my melt down! So I had to call my hubby and tell him what happened. Now I'm just waiting for the social services and the gardai to show up at my front door with my in laws and some sort of order to take the kids away.

I know it's funny and you are probably laughing at this but seriously I feel like such a jerk, and now a public jerk! Kids are upstairs now with two of their friends, running around like baby elephants, baby is asleep ( so I have 15 minutes) I'm having a coffee! Blogging! Then we are gonna make cookies and destroy the kitchen decorating them.

I'm a damn good mother, but sometimes it just seems so hard to keep up the juggling act, and I let a ball drop (thankfully never the baby though) Should I be judged by that or all the other thousands of times I get it right?

On a lighter note I've decided to take the plunge and get another tatoo done, hence the hello kitty picture, I'm thinking of a goodbye kitty image.


  1. Midge, I've seen you with your kids and you're the best mum I know. We all have days like that with the little ones. Kind of reminds me of Marge's day in the Simpsons where everything goes wrong and she ends up pulling her car across the bridge and growling :) Be glad your personal Rancho Relaxo isn't too far away.

    As for the tattoo, you go girl! Might join you.

  2. Oh dear Midge, that is truly one heckuva rotten day alright. Try not to beat yourself up about losing the rag, you're only human and to be honest you'd have to be a robot not to lose your cool in that kind of situation every so often. Try not to worry about the mobile phone either, I've had several phonecalls where I've been dialled in error and you can never really hear what is going on the other end, so Im sure he just heard a whole load of muffles!

  3. Ah God, we've all been the parents on the 'before video' on the parenting programmes.

    I called my daughter a 'stupid girl' once, and as for screaming back...

    What a horrible day for you though. Sounds like the biggest weenie goat gruff deserves a medal!

  4. Someone, thanks! Didn't think you were the hello kitty type!
    Mossie, I know, but I've been doing so well recently ignoring the little things, I think the noise is an issue for me a lot of the time, I can take a certain amount...but then I find I can't think with the constant noise!
    Rancho Relaxo Here I Come....will they bring me Tequila and Chocolate sundaes in my room?
    Jo, He got a reward of sorts, his horrible friend...who all the parents hate was allowed into play in the house. I really did feel like an advert before alright!
    On a brighter note the rest of the dy went well, cookies were decorated, even by big tough bully friend...and sent home to mums and dads, They had a ball, kitchen (which is tiny...five kids and me and baby in there....sardines) is a pit of icing and crumbs, but hubby will be home soon and I'm gonna make sausage pasta for tea...mmmm!

  5. I have one of those days every other day. Now my darling is at an age that he uses his wonderful parttime father against me. I hear "I'll tell my Dad on you for screaming at me and doing a dance around the kitchen" and I reply go ahead and you can go live with him and eat smash and fish fingers till you burst. He soon comes back head down "sorry Mammy I dont want to leave you ever" Ah if only it was so easy. Your not a bad parent its the odd melt down that keeps us sane. And as for the father inlaw.... do what I did thou only once after he really pissed me off I made him a lovely apple pie, with an added extra just for him. Yummy I'll leave it to your imagination!!! Btw I reckon we need a little drinky poo before you go off on your travels encase you dont come back. Id never have the nerve to get a tatoo. But your last one was so cute.

  6. Jo, never, ever mess with penny!:-}
    Thanks Pen, you are right of course, we are all caught on our off days! From personal experience i know you are an amazing mother.