Thursday, July 05, 2007

La Vie En Rose

I’ve seen it last night. I mean the movie. I know the reviews have been positive but nothing could prepare you for such an amazing story. Simply BEAUTIFUL. The movie takes you on a journey of the life of great chanson singer Edith Piaf. There were few scenes that I would skip but nevertheless it was AMAZING. The early 1900 France is shown so well: the streets , people, attitudes, way of life… The make-up and costumes were close to perfection and the songs very touching. I even dreamt about the movie- it’s so powerful I want to se it again.
Now the audience walking into the cinema was different cattle of fish altogether. .. mostly women over 55’s .. ughhh didn’t want to be part of that group.. mainly because they look grumpy and grey… and here we are again talking about the old folk…we just live in constant denial about heading towards the end of the life… Now – that will cheer you up ;)


  1. God Frank, that's a cheerful thought! At least we'll get oap discounts on cinema tickets though!

  2. Was at the Dixie Chicks screening in the IFI last week and was going to hang on and see it to kill some time. The more I hear the more annoyed I am with myself for not doing so now.

  3. Saw it last night too, although not with Frank I'd like to point out :) My screening was more full of cosmopolitan trendoids and actual French people.

    It is genuinely brilliant. Evocative, heartbreaking (she had an horrific life and was a pretty horrific adult to live with) and yer wan who plays her (yes, I could Google it but I'm not that conscientious) is hypnotic. Must see.