Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm Coming Out Part 2

When we last left Mr. Pink, he had just come out to one of his friends who decided to do a spot of match making...

"You free to go to the cinema next Thursday?"

"How about Monday instead?"

The next few days went past in a blur. When it came to actually getting ready to meet up with my friend and her cousin, I found myself in a bit of a tizzy. Was there protocol? What should I wear? Should I be there before them or arrive just on time? I decided to try not take it too seriously and just treat it as a trip to the cinema with some friends. Pity about their choice of movie, "Notting Hill".

As it turned out, I was early. It's not good to have too much time to yourself when you're nervous. Eventually my friend and her cousin (we'll call him "D") arrived and following introductions we made our way into the cinema. Afterwards we went for a couple of drinks and me and D talked non-stop. Turned out we had lots in common, liking the same television programmes, cheesey music and writing all the while my friend just sat there with a big smile on her face.

We arranged to go out again the following Friday. This time it would just be the two of us. And once again we got on famously. Over a milk shake in Eddie Rockets (you can't say I don't know how to show a date a good time!) I decided to take the plunge. I was going to ask D if he'd like to go out. Properly like. Such innocent times. Here I was, almost 23 years of age behaving like a teenager! Obviously he said yes (otherwise this would have been a pointless and rather sad posting) and our date continued, as all good dates should, with a visit to the Savoy cinema to see "Cruel Intentions". It would also be the night we had our first kiss. Once again I slipped into clumsy teenage mode. Should I make the first move? When is the right time? I was worried for nothing because when it did happen it was a perfect, fire works exploding, can't believe I'm doing this moment.

Of course, now that I had a boyfriend I started to feel more confident. And being gay was big news with Boyzone "star" Stephen Gately coming out. After only a week or so I decided I was going to tell my parents. I now turned into a human gold fish! Sitting at home with my mouth opening and closing, praying this was the right moment but with no words coming out. When it did happen, it was almost like a "Little Britain" sketch. I spent some time hovering around my mother. Normally when I did this it was because I wanted something.

"What do you want? Money?"

"No, nothing. I'm fine... Actually there's something I want to tell you."

"Hang on a second, I'll just get your dad".


I was under the spotlight with a captive audience.

"Um, there's something I want to tell you. I have something in common with Stephen Gately. Apart from the fact that I can't sing... I'm gay."

"Are you sure? How long have you known? Is your friend blah* gay as well?" (*blah not his real name)

That's it? No reaction? No screaming or shouting? Not even any crying?

"As long as your happy that's the main thing. You're still our son and we'll still love you. But we won't tell the rest of the family."

Of course my mum is like all Irish mothers and almost straight away was on the phone to her sisters telling them the news. I have to say I haven't looked back since. It was only really after I came out that I started to live. I only went out with D a couple of months and there were some dubious choices in the romance stakes but now I've got an amazing boyfriend and great family and friends.

The lyrics in the song are true. I'm coming out. Let's get the party started!


  1. Sounds like a good reaction from you parents. You must have been shaking!

  2. The cowboy? The cowboy...? Jesus, the cowboy! The one who we let stay in my house on your recommendation even though you barely knew him and I secretly suspected he might have been a serial killer.

    To be fair he did bring Twinkies.

  3. A happy story. Whatever about Notting Hill (an argument against hetero-romance if ever there was one), if you'd gone to see Brokeback Mountain, it might have been overkill...

  4. Oh God the cowboy....he loved my sausages and mash! and dessert was banana Tarte Tatin! I had nightmares he was gonna jump out of the wardrobe and kill us in our beds!