Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane!

"I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be home again, but babe I've got to go, so kiss me and smile for me, tell me that you'll wait for me, hold me like you'll never let me go!"

Yes I have a dirty secret, I was a member of a folk group, singing John Denver and Nancy Griffiths numbers!

If you've been able to keep up with our blog posts (there are loads) you might be aware of the fact that I have been offered the opportunity to travel to visit our friends in Maine. Now this is a big deal because my eldest kiddie is nine, and in those nine years the longest I've been away from the kids is two nights and I've been with my husband for seventeen years and the longest we've been apart in that time is three nights! I've never been out of Europe, really I've never done anything alone! Also anyone who knows me knows I'm crap at "listening to my inner voice" ( must be hoarse, I don't think Ive ever heard it), so I've asked loads of people what I should do, I just find it difficult to make a decision that I see as selfish!

Today Mary, the lovely lady in the credit union issued my cheque, so it's decided I going to Maine for the first week in August, my two eldest kids are delighted, "will you get me a Red Sox jersey and oreos? Will you get me a really pretty dress?", my hubby thinks it's a great idea, "the whiskey is dirt cheap in duty free!" and he has our friends childminder to help him out for the time I'm away, but still I feel torn!

So tonight after a long day, second full day of the summer holidays, and I don't do change well, my mum phones, conveniently as I was gonna call her to see could i borrow a case (I only have tiny overnight stuff or huge family sized bags IE. two dead bodies would fit in there comfortably). Now I love my mum, but she is very very anal, she has never left the island of Ireland (I've always thought she'd be a shut in if it wasn't for the need to always have fresh bread in the house). So I was delighted to talk to her this evening, all excited after being to the book shop and buying a guide book to new England, (I'd called her yesterday to tell her i'd decided to go) so she MMMM's and AAAHH's her way through the conversation, asking me several times if i am alright, I say I'm grand, really excited about travelling.

"Oh Midge, I had a terrible dream last night", she begins, my soul drops down to my shoes, "I dreamt you were screaming and screaming, and then I woke up in a cold sweat and i know it's to do with you flying to America!" Thanks mam! Now I'm a nervous traveller but realistically I know I'm more at risk driving to the airport than flying above the clouds. So I had to justify my decision to fly to her. I came away feeling flattened and depressed. John Denver's leaving on a Jet plane running through my mind. I sat down to write this post and looked up John Denver on Google images for a picture, then there it is a Picture of John Denver and the script says dies in plane crash (I swear i had no idea he was even dead!) Is it a sign? Mum's dream and then John Denver?

I have no idea, but just in case before I fly I'll be sure to post an open letter to my family and friends! And if I die a fiery death you better rename the blog in my honour!


  1. Nancy Griffith, how could you??

    You'll be grand on the plane.

    A bird landed on my head as I was standing outside a church after my niece's communion 2 years ago. It was scary.

  2. I got a suitcase that is perfect for your hol not too big not too small. (didn't intend that to rhyme) I also know somebody who knows somebody who can get me a wee tablet for you that will help with the plane journey (rescue remedy is just not strong enough anymore!!) did you know Barry Manilow has a song bout New England (maybe I should have kept that to myself)

  3. Ah no, I'm the valium dealer remember! And as much as mum is worried about me she won't give me a valium! ( I'm gonna write a post about her valium dealing) Will deffo take the case if that's ok! She is driving me mad now! Milan , when are you gonns bite the bullet snd sdmit you have a calling, I can so see you as a priest! well considering your post the other day it'll be a lesbian priest!

  4. Mate of mine gets doped on on Syndol, great stuff from what I'm told, would knock out a menstruating horse!

    You'll be fine, does anyone know anyone who knows anyone who's ever died on a plane...JFK Jnr, Buddy Holly, Will Rogers, Ritchie Valens, Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Otis Redding, Rocky Marciano, and John Denver are not acceptable answers!

    Have a good trip, try the pancakes (no seriously do!)...and Borders and if you see The A-Team Season 1 through 5 in a boxset will you get in and I'll cancel that cheque I think you wrote me...

  5. We're going to have to change the Blog to "The Midget Wrangler Dies in Fiery John Denver Tribute Blog"???

    Sheesh... that'll take a while to type...

    Don't worry you'll be fine... and they'll be fine... You might even have fun!

    No 2

  6. Aaliyah? Payne Stewart? Stevie Ray Vaughn? Jim Croce? Glen Miller, The Big Bopper...

  7. You all are being so mean!! MW, don't listen to them, they're just jealous of all the shopping we'll do (and the pancakes that we'll eat...). And SL, you keep that up, and no booze for you!

  8. I thought the short anecdotes were just so funny they made me laugh!

  9. Flying is so much fun although the long haul flights can be boring, you will have a ball.

  10. So clearly the point here is that beloved of Four Nine Pounds as you may be, you're not really famous enough t odie in a fiery plane crash and have the tribute blog named after you, sorry.

    I don't mind the flying (think: sitting down for 5 hours wihtout any children climing/puking/weeing on you, demanding things, while you sip alcoholic beverages to complement your valium and read books and magazines uninterrupted).

    I hate all the airport anxiety, me, finding out wher eto g, worrying I've lost my passport every time I need it. Sitting on the plane's a breeze.

    When I was pregnant before and told my granny joyfully that I was having a mini break in Prague in February, she mournfullky intoned 'That's all you need, to slip in the snow and have a fall...'). It's just in the nature of Irish Mammies to be fearful and negative.

    You're right, you know, there's no point living life as an agorophobic, and it's a crappy message to send to your own kids...

  11. How about the "Didn't Midge Make A Pretty Blue Flame When Her Flight Went Up In A Glorious Ball Of Aviation Fuel On Take-Off Memorial Blog"?

    Too wordy?

  12. Thanks lads...I know it'll be grand, and the first thing I did when I got off the phone was to tell my weenies never to be afraid!I'm gonna bring the new Harry Potter book with me, my mp3 player, syndol, green and blacks chocolate, and a notebook to write stuff in!I mean it about the blog being renamed

  13. You'll absolutely love the states! I'm actually very jealous, even though I was only there a few months ago...

  14. You'll absolutely love the states! I'm actually very jealous, even though I was only there a few months ago...

  15. Ah, but I'll be there alone, I think it was definatley more special for you guys! Also Polka told me there are creepy crawly things.....oh no! Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is ok, it's feeling the spiders crawling up my legs that will be a problem!