Monday, August 27, 2007

The Dream

I have to share this. I have no idea why I am sharing this. But I had this dream last night.... I kissed this guy. Now I know him but haven't seen him in a while, we never went out together, never any attraction etc so I have no idea where this came from. I know it may be a while before I see him again and boy am I glad, I feel he would know. Is that crazy. How could he know. I'm so embarassed.

I remembered Jo saying a while ago I think in the meme's about never kissing another guy again. First kiss, first date kinda kiss, and I remember thinking the same as I have been with my partner for 7 years.

Is it a full moon!!


  1. I suppose all us committed people can do is wait for the rare, random descent of the kissing dream - in particular the golden ones, where I'm Buffy and I get to kiss Angel.

    Hmm, another reason for me to buy the rest of the box sets...

  2. I've discussed this issue in recent years, where you think better of someone after having a random amorous dream about them.

  3. Jo I never look anything as good as Buffy in my dreams!! and Milan you are right I certainly think better of him, what a kiss!!

  4. yeah it is a full moon tonight.... Those dreams, where the kiss is better than sex...a yes!

  5. This is all new territory for me. I almost never dreamed up until a couple of weeks ago and now it's every night. You mean some of them are going to be rudey?

  6. Well, seeing as we're going here - I'm so much more orgasmic in my dreams than in reality - where I worry about it too much.

    For example, I once had a dream about the 19 year old I had a total crush on - in the dream, I stood behind him and he turned and went to kiss me, and I put my hands on his face to push him away - and I woke up actually coming - that would so not happen any other time, sadly, the vaginal orgasm eludes me.

    Sorry if this is TMI - um, but there we are. It's not that I wouldn't have this conversation with a load of stangers, really, but it might take more time to work up to it, and much against my will, I'd go red.

    Still, where MW has gone before, there I will follow!

  7. he he he! So when I stop talking about sex you take up the mantel.....he he he!

  8. Amongst us all Jo there is no such thing as TMI! As to what colour your face will go if one day we do all meet, that is another matter.