Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Howya Stipey, any chance of a sample..............

"Keep your souvenirs, keep your items, keep them in nice condition or have fun with, if you maintain the condition, the value might be there years from now, maybe for your kids." - Thomas Fearman

Firstly, don't judge me for this post, secondly, don't ask me how I found out about this site and thirdly, don't admit to have any interest in buying anything off these people.

This has to be the most fucked up website in the world, a group of American (no surprise) personal assistants who've kept "souvenirs" of the people they've worked for only to sell them online.
Begs a number of questions:
  1. Are there enough idiots out there who'd buy this type of stuff? Obviously if Michael Stipe's bacteria is sold out.
  2. How do you value someone's shit, how is Jack Black's shite more expensive that Flea's? Does he not poop as much so it's rarer?
  3. Could I clone Jeff Bridges after buying his bacteria?
  4. Would I want to?

I apologise in advance for putting you off lunch/dinner/snack...........



  1. Should I or should I not look at the willy one?

    What's worse, wanting to own something's willy, or a bag of poo? I wonder how they package it? I have a million questions. Just how much do they have/do you get? Why would ANYONE (even peopel mad enogh to want anyone's shite)trust its authenticity?

  2. They're not the only ones judging on posts here........