Saturday, September 15, 2007


So other than CSI Miami, Heroes and BB, my other all time favourite television series is Who Do You Think You Are on BBC - famous persons geneology. It's totally fascinating, as is most history. You get involved with all these characters from the past, it doesn't matter who the celebrity of the week is. They could have jo punters looking into their past and it would still be amazing. They have the resources to do power geneology, which is where it excels. You and I could spend ten years sourcing what they find in an episode.

Last night was John Hunt's story. I felt very sorry for him at the end because he discovered his family's story of Irish ancestry to be false and his identity and personal history had been based round it. I'm hoping he discovers Ireland off another root of the family tree. Its bound to be in there somewhere. We infiltrated England too much in recent centuries not to make our mark on every English family.


  1. Poor John Hurt! That's sad. Perhaps we could adopt him.

  2. If only... Saw the end of it myself and felt genuinely sorry for him. Said that his Irish heritage was one of the things that underpinned his life and was one fo the reasons he moved here and now he doesn't have that. Would rather have him adopted than David Gray any day.