Thursday, September 27, 2007

Effing Freezing

I know the weather is the most boring thing to blog about but seriously I am so cold I'm considering doing the housework wearing gloves. And I don't mean rubber gloves. It is SO cold today and I normally spend September still trying to extend the summer by wearing shorts and flip flops everywhere in the vain hope that the sun might come out. Today I'm wearing a woolly jumper. And I'm still cold. How depressing is that? Brass monkeys......


  1. Tell me about it Ash. I know summer is over when I have to take my jacket off the rack again and it made it's first foray into the real world this week. Sad.

    On an entirely side note I am far too much of a nice overlord to reveal which one of us owns socks in the "individual finger" style of the gloves pictured :)

  2. Swear to jaysus it was ball breakingly cold this morning.....

    Remember when ya went to school and it was snot freezing cold and you'd get sent home...if only work was like that

  3. Don't they have a rule on building sites in Australia, if the weather goes above or below a certain temperature they can go home? Wouldn't that be "cool" LOL

  4. And there was me not about to rat you out! Not that there's anything wrong or weird or "fruity" about them. I was just reminded about them is all.

    How great would it be Tib and Ash if that was the case! Remember how schools would have "frozen pipes" and we'd all be off the hook? :(

  5. SL - I went to the only secondary school where the teachers made a point of showing how tough we were by not closing the school down.

    We had one week where the girl's schools either side of us shut for a week cos the heating pipes froze. We had days when the jacks wouldn't work for the same reason and they kept us open.


  6. I have socks like that but I don't wear them, they're kinda creepy.

    I'm with you on the cold - always thought October was the month for turning on the heat but I put ours on for a couple hours yesterday and at 6 tonight.

    Sadly we have calor gas and can't afoord warmth... :(

  7. Winter's here and i'm used to it. I'm gonna post something in a separate post for you on this subject - if I can find it.