Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My hubby is ill. He has had a sore throat since the weekend and now he is experiencing full blown Man-Flu! Oh No! Now some people say that man flu is just a common cold, but in my opinion the problem with Man-Flu is that sometimes it is a common cold but sometimes it's cancer.....

You see when a man (my men -hubby, dad, son) are feeling ill they act like they are dying, "I have pains in my legs, arms, necks, I feel ill, I've thrown up, I can't sleep, my head hurts and I need an orange juice!" but when something really serious is wrong, like a lump somewhere, or blood where there shouldn't be blood, they don't say anything. Now my hubby was OK today, took his medicine and put his feet up, he even helped me by watching the kids while I did the housework. But he's not good at being ill, he isn't good at just lying around and doing nothing, so he feels like he has to make out that he is sicker than he says he is. Like when you were off from school sick, but on the mend, you wanted a few more days off so you played it up a bit.

Personally I'd do the same, but I forget what it's like to be able to relax away from work for a few days when I'm ill. Since the kids were born I've not been able to have any sick days, even if I'm feeling extremely ill I'll be up on my feet taking care of the kids, but sometimes it would be nice to got to bed and be taken care of for a couple of days, but it's not gonna happen is it? Maybe in the old folks home?

So for now I'll just tuck my hubby into bed (while avoiding face to face snuggling- I can't get sick) and tomorrow enjoy his company, maybe he'll be feeling up to reading me the papers while I mind the weenies!


  1. Sigh. I remember my husband whining at me 'but you know its worse for men' when he had the flu.

    I don't get sick either.

  2. *sigh*

    Exaggerate? Moi?

    I'm not good at being home sick. I always feel that, because my other half has to continue on, so should I. Ended up doing feeds, the washing up, hoovering, arranging shelves... all because we, as parents, can't be sick.

    If you don't have kids you may not understand the concept but once you do have them, the "day sick in bed" goes right out the window, much as the "day recovering with a hangover" does too.

    Still, I'm actually doing the boss a favour as "Colds also have a nasty habit of working their way around the workplace so it is important that staff take time off when they are suffering to reduce the chances of passing it on to their colleagues."

  3. Aw poor you two. It's miserable being sick or looking after one who is. Hope all will be well by Saturday!!?!

  4. Oh God yes Ash. Zero chance of us missing that! Wild horses etc.

  5. My mother's a nurse, I'd have to have a letter from the coroner before you'd be allowed take a day off sick.

    Me sister used to get away with murder though. There's no justice on the male/female sickness divide

  6. SL - I swear by echinacea (can never spell that right) effervescent tablets - optima brand to be precise. They stop a cold coming on or reduce its length if your in the middle of it.