Sunday, September 02, 2007

Goth Tastic!

Following on from Midget Wranglers awesome 80s nostalgic trip below. I've just realised that goths are in fact the most cheerful people on Earth.

My Chemical Romance sing that 'Teenagers' song; a pop ditty so catchy and overproduced that Avril Lavigne would have second thoughts before realising it.

The Cure. Their Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me album alternated between deep song and happy song. Deep song and happy song. Deep song and happ .. you get the idea.

Sisters of Mercy. All eleven minutes of 'This Corrosion'. Sung without apparent irony, this song was so over the top that they had to get Jim Steinman producing it in order to do it justice. Sadly the single edit was a tame 4'14" but still.

And the Damned. Have they had nearly as many line up changes as the Fall? Probably not, but what a band. Punk pioneers turn goth in the 80s with their big album being Phantasmagoria. Grimly Fiendish sounds like the lads from Madness gave them a hand writing it. And what about one of the all time great 'straight in at number 37' singles of the 80s - 'Is it a Dream'. Check out the video link for proof that some goths really DO like the outdoors.

I really think I'm gonna start heading down to Frazers on O Connell Street for their goth night. It must be marvelous fun!


  1. God, I just loved the Sisters of Mercy. I wonder if the time is ripe for soem sort of carefully managed comeback?

  2. It's the drama we love, the whole costume,slash makeup, slash pretending we are from another time!
    Maybe we should have a goth night for our bloggers night out!