Sunday, September 02, 2007

Oldies but goodies!

OK. So I've put up some new music recently, but here's a blast from the past.....well it's a blast from my past anyway! Enjoy!


  1. Remember when I bought my first Cure cd. I hid it in a box of records at home because I didn't want my friends or family to think I was a goth or a curehead. I was only 16 at the time.

  2. I got a really badly dubbed cassette copy of 'Standing on a Beach' which was the Cures singles and b sides up till about 1985. I thought all that hiss on the tape was from those smoke machines goth bands were compelled to use any time they appeared on stage.

  3. That smoke just added to the experience! We all had those tapes...bought off the guy on the bridge?