Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good child/bad child?

Apparently we have good kids.

My mother has said this.  Many others have said this too.  I think I'm starting to get it.  

The baby doesn't really fuss much, and is just kinda there.

The older one is relatively obedient, and will eat almost anything put in front of him (except banana).  I'm learning, during our lovely playdates with others in his class, that this is exceptional.  As in, he's the exception.  All others come with codicils..."I don't eat soup."  "I don't like crusts."  "I won't eat cucumber." "I don't like sandwiches." "Ham is yucky."

Dear lord in heaven.  I made a nice carrot and red pepper soup today (it's an Avoca recipe), mainly cause we needed to use up the peppers, and I have a cold, so hello soup!  This lovely playmate walks in and announces "I don't eat soup."  We don't have much else in the house that I can throw together, so I ask if he wants a ham sandwich.  A jam sandwich.  Plain bread and butter.  Pasta.  Tuna.  We end up at chocolate spread on bread.  Great.  Wait...what kind of bread? "I don't like brown bread."  AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH.  I don't like having white bread in the house (not cause I don't like it, but cause I like it TOO much).  We happened to have a hot dog bun left over from yesterday, and there we go.  This took about 20 minutes.  

I'm looking at his plate (he continually got up and played with things while the rest of us sat and had a nice soup lunch, including said son, who had 2 bowls of carrot soup), which has one-half of one half eaten.  /headdesk 


  1. You have lovely children....They are also very cute! Don't be too shocked at the food thing though, it doesn't mean the other kid is "bad", not everyone has the same interest in food as I know you guys have, and some kids (and adults) are just picky! I spent years with my kids trying to get them to eat all the "right" food, won some of those battles, but I lost a fair few too, in the end they eat what they want, I offer them what we eat, no different meals for anyone in our house, they eat it or they don't, I won't lose any sleep if they never like cabbage (or whatever). So be thankful for your lovely children (who are also well behaved and cute)!

  2. Don't even get me started. My daughter is living on cheese toasties, Probiotic yoghurt drink, dry rice crispies, and today - 6 weetabix!

    I thought all the breast feeding and organic pureeing was meant to get them into food.

    When I was in school I remember swapping my healthy bag of peanuts and raisins for my friend's chocolate spread sandwich - crusts! They weren't even worth a whole sandwich.

    What's my point. I don't know - oh yes, I have to admit, I'm not a great fan of carrot soup either!

    I'm just hoping this phase will end at some point.

  3. There was more that I wanted to write, but I couldn't because the damn kid was looking at my screen...between me and the laptop!!! SHOVE OFF.

    I understand picky, I do. I just...ya know, I ask the kid what his favorite food is, and he just says "dunno". Everythign was "dunno". If this was my kid, I'd sit him down and say EAT IT.

    The stuffy head cold doesn't help things, I'm sure. Now I"m off to have our Peking Duck, cause I screwed up dinner tonight :-).

  4. I love fancy soups. Soup is totally underrated. I was a mad picky eater as a kid, ate about 10% of the variety of foods I eat now.

  5. I ate 5% on the things I do now because, I suppose, it was all that was put in front of me. I never ate pizza, curry or pasta until I left home.