Saturday, September 15, 2007

Guilt Revisited...

Ok, I'm always getting scolded by Herr SL for not paying enough attention, not blogging enough, not reading and remembering every post and comment and I always feel the guilt. So now, after 2 weeks off I'm going to comment on all I missed while I was away:

26/8 - I want to add Van Morrison's Avalon Sunset to my death music collection.
29/8 - re Ring Ella - I couldn't concentrate watching the Narnia film because it was killing me to recognise who Aslan's voice was, same with Bill what's his name in Pirates of.. On similar note, isn't it mad when your mind comes up with a fact you didn't know you knew. I answered a pop question recently on the presenter of Songs of Praise. Gone out of my head again now but I knew it as the time. Gas.
30/8 - Nerds are the new cool. Dave Fanning had a feature on it t'other night. My favourite is Napoleon Dynamite. He to me is the absolute ultimate nerd victor because he wasn't lacking in confidence and he won social approval while remaining a nerd. Up til then nerd's only won by becoming un-nerdy.
31/8 - The most amazing toasted sandwich you will ever have is a toasted tomato one - just butter and tomato and salt. Fantastic.
Snogging Scrum - mad. I find that rugby isn't as homophobic as football because the ruggers are more comfortable with their sexualty/well into themselves and don't mind where the praise is coming from. I hope Ireland do well. We deserve it.
3/9 - Shan - I'm happy the Moon picture made it in the end. Go team moon!
4/9 - Pink - congrats on the new gaff, didn't guess that.
SL - I think the world needs a someoneuist manifesto.
5/9 - OK, I'm a famous people story outcast. Don't think I've ever said hello to anyone famous.
Ash - I was in Interlaken and up the mountain from there the day after the marathon. A taximan told me an Icelandic won it and that there was lots of Irish over for it. That's gas. Fair play to ye doing the marathon. The thoughts of it would kill me.

Ok, catch up over...for now.

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