Saturday, September 01, 2007

What would Roy Keane think?

Oh, and here's one to balance out what I just wrote below (post number 350 by the way - where has the time gone?)

I am a crap parent.

I was home today flicking through the channels on my satellite when I went looking for the Man U V Sunderland game. I have Sky Sports so I thought it'd be on there somewhere as it was a 5.15 kickoff. No sign.

I flick through and it's on Setanta 1, unscrambled. They're showing the aftermath of the Liverpool game. Great, says I, I'll have a watch for a while if only to see how Roy gets received on his return to Old Trafford. He's just walking out when the channel scrambles again.


I, unthinking, say "Ah me bollix" (an exclamation of choice when unthinking and under pressure). Who repeats it? My three year old. "Ah me bollix, daddy!"



  1. Could be worse - I was looking at photos from my daughter's fourth birthday party ofh er and her freinds at the cakefront - a nice selection, smiling, candle blowing, and one where she's thunking her forehead. She commentated it for me: 'I am hitting my head for 'fuck'.'

    After that I had to apologise to the Montessori teacher in advance...

  2. better than the "c" word....and I mean the really bad one!

  3. Please god we haven't taught her that one.

    My husband gratuitously uses 'fuck' all the time when he's telling stories, a la an auld Dubliner.

    I think he only does it when he's talking to his mates, as I notice more then - and worst of all, I do it too!


    'Poverty of Language' as Professor Terence Browne once said.