Saturday, October 13, 2007

Confession time - part 4

I secretly feel a small bit bitter and rejected when I get no comments on a posting (subtle hint - I will have 4 recent ones after I post this).

I don't want to be a virgin poster. My postings need love and attention, if not a bit of casual random action. Please don't leave me alone. I want you to engage on me.

Sexual metaphors are rampant. They just can't be avoided. Well if they don't grab your attention, nothing will.


  1. Sorry, it was a nice day out, plus a double birthday party today. So we were out doing crap. I'm catching up now. :-)

  2. Consider yourself engaged! Love your posts, I just sometimes don't know what to the one about the stalker/ stalkee situation I kinda just thought; "why not just tell him you're not into him??", then I thought I couldn't say that...don't know why, maybe I feel I don't know you well enough?!

  3. I always comment! A post with no comments? I would never allow such a thing.

  4. I can only justify myself in the stalker situation by mutual incompetence - my inability to say no was matched by his inability to recognise that when someone new doesn't respond to phonecalls, it means they're not interested.