Saturday, October 13, 2007

I had such a nice time and I miss it!


In Ireland the light is cold and grey, not golden and glowy and skin enhancing like in Tuscany.

In Ireland the icecream is not called Gelato and does not have flavours like Tiramisu and is not sold in Gelaterias on every corner...

In Ireland it is not warm and balmy in October.

In Ireland, men do not smile warmly and affectionately at random babies and children, making their parents feel proud.

The only thing we've got going for us right now is an absence of mosquitoes.

Would 49£s fancy clubbing together and investing in a large villa in the Tuscan hills? It's really nice, I swear.


  1. Ah now, it's not all bad... it was warm and balmy today, warm enough for a swim in the Irish Sea!! And every now and then the light was golden, too!

  2. Anything more than a atenner and I'm stretched. Nonetheless welcome back JTM. Wonder where everyone else has gotten to?

  3. JM - I was in the West the other week for the wedding and had this sudden sunny weather and it was absolutely fabulous, and I thought, if Ireland had a bit more consistent sun it would be the most beautiful place to spend holidays.

    I love our air.

  4. Ah, you're all so patriotic.

    Of course I often appreciate the beauty of our fair isle too. The only time I left Iwanted to come home.

    It's just hard to come back from holiday, where you only notice the good stuff - and the insane driving.

  5. I more than likely getting married over there. Going to suss a place out in a couple of weeks.

    It's lovely over there

  6. I didn't get to go to my friends wedding :( but they got married in rome and rented a villa for the afters - bussed everyone out ot it. It sounded beautiful - I think they did buffet food, it sounded so relaxed, easy and lovely.