Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shock Treatment

Golden Beers has jogged my memory, the follow up to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" was "Shock Treatment", starring Richard O'Brien and a clutch of other guys from Rocky Horror. We bought it on video (remember that) and it was one of those we've been at the pub, lets watch a video and drink any booze we can find in the house, type films.

The video above is Richard O'Brien singing the theme song, God love him he isn't blessed with a good voice! The plot(?) is that Brad and Janet (different actors, same innocent characters) are held hostage by Game show hosts....seriously! If you are in work and bored check out some more of the clips on You Tube, it really was bizarre. We lent out the video to someone and we never got it back, so if you are wondering what to get me for Christmas.....


  1. A poor sequel to be sure but well worth the watch for RHPS fans to be sure. Ah, remember when we used to have..... videos? On actual tape? I still have a few lying around including the genius cockroach musical Joe's Apartment.

  2. Oh yes, lets watch Joes apartment at the weekend....with pizza and beer! Please! (I know I'm a class act aren't I)

  3. I think I'll gooseberry up this comment box