Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shameless Plug

Let's call it plogging -

My husband's band The Juice are launcing their indie album 'Chasing the Comfort' in the Noggin Inn in Sallynoggin on Friday November the 9th. Admission is a tenner and you get the album included in that - bargain!

If you're interested, check out juiciestmusic for a few samples.

It might be a nice 49£ masked ball opportunity - with dancing!
If you're not interested, my apologies for soiling the purity of the blog with my own interests...


  1. You are allowed. Only for inventing a new word. Plogging. I like. Anyone have anything else they'd like to plog?

  2. Plog is a deadly word. I'll have to check the diary and get back to ye.

    Will there be mask wearing??