Thursday, October 04, 2007

Let's exercise, let's exercise.. nnnooooOOOOO!!!!

My name is Milan and I am an exercisephobe. I'd rather die than exercise. I try every so often and it lasts two weeks max. My fit wannabe friends talk about the hormone rush you get when you go to the gym. They say after a month or two's gym going I'll start to get that buzz. Sorry can't go that long. I started walking in the park on Sundays, but while reading the paper or a book to hide the fact that I'm doing exercise. I've started growing a belly and backside the last few years after decades of getting away with it and I moan non stop about my big belly - it's so out of proportion with the rest of me that I've had 2 people in the last year ask when the baby's due.

Anyway, it's still not enough to make me get up and going. I can give up all sugar for Lent - did it for 10 weeks this year. But exercise is too much. Giving up is so much easier than taking on. It's beyond dreary and painful, it's psychologically torturous. Went to see that last Bond film, and while other women may have been drooling over the groomed muscles of Mr. Craig, I felt tired thinking about all the exercise he had to do to get in that shape.

I'm in the car now too so I'm even worse. I'm out of breath for ten minutes every morning climbing the 2 flights of stairs to the canteen. Just as well I don't meet the same person in the queue lest they think I'm pining for them.

So what's the solution for us exercisephobes?

I'm off to my leaba while you use up braincells to ponder this.


  1. Would retail therapy count?

    20 laps of Arnotts and then 8 goes of the escalators in the Jervis Centre

  2. The solution, as your picture suggests, is to do. The Timewarp. Again. Obviously. But where do we do it now that The Classic has been demolished?

  3. Interesting. Still no-one volunteering to have it in their gaff I see so it'll have to be out.

  4. Maybe post that as a separate's hard for folk to find things like this in comments.

    I'd say it would be our place, but with kidlets and no doors on the rooms....