Monday, October 15, 2007

There's so much I want to tell you: 1 - the Raw Deal

Just had some koka noodles & thought about the fact that I like them as much raw as cooked - they have a lovely crunch to them. I also used to love raw pastry way more than the cooked version.

Can't think of any more raw-is-better food things but surely my FLBP* can shed some light.....................

* fellow lima bean pickers


  1. I was raised on lots of raw veggies, so for me, broccoli is 20x better raw than cooked :-). And being an American....raw choc chip cookie dough../contented sigh.

    And I like my tuna raw much better than cooked.

  2. Raw noodles?? Really?

    Yes to the broccolli (I can't get enough of that Avoca salad) and the cookie dough. Mmm, cookie dough - especially frozen, one step rawer?

    I like raw mushrooms, though I wouldn't necessarily say they're better that way. My wierd husband ate raw potato and turnip as a child!

    I like things cold too - pizza, potatoes of all kinds...

  3. Strictly it's not raw but I eat all my breakfast cereals without milk.

  4. Yummy crunchy raw noodles...have a bit of a grá for them alright! I love raw turnip too...weird (maybe a Murphy thing?) I love raw cake mixture, and even though I read a story about a girl who caught salmonella from licking the spoon when cooking with her mum I still love to do that, as do the kids, it never did me any harm!