Sunday, November 04, 2007

The blog trap - I fall for it every time

Has anyone else ever tried to upload an image into a posting and accidently cancelled it because the cancel button is on the left where the upload button should be, as it is in every other part of the google blog world. I think the designers did this on purpose to mess with our minds. I can picture a group of slightly overweight American nerds laughing at me every time I press the wrong button.


  1. Nope. But I do cancel comment all the time.

    I like your picture, though it worryingly implies secret cameras!

  2. No I'm more tempted towards the orange button....

  3. I've posted posts when I meant to save the draft. Think it's cos I'm a tool rather than any Google related misbehaving

  4. Cant say it has happened to me, like Ash I seem more tempted by orange buttons