Saturday, November 03, 2007

If you had £9 and could rent one video....

Just thinking about the Donnie Darko thing in Milan's post - I hope this is worthy of a fresh topic rather than a comment. If you had to suggest one film to others that they had to see before they left this planet of ours what would it be?

I've never seen Donnie Darko and everytime I say that people either ridicule me or look down their noises at me. I'd never seen any of the Star Wars films until back in June. Have never seen The Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, Snow White, Dumbo, Jaws and countless other credible, life defining movies?

Just got me thinking about the ones you've seen that you think would greatly enhance and make better the lives of others. I was trying to think myself but can't really cos I have a tendancy to look at films and stockpile based on what they mean to me, where I was in my life when I saw them, what memories they envoke rather than thinking of how they changed my perspective on life or educated me if ya know what I mean.

I'm rambling's the cabin fever setting in. SL - no arty wankology films that none of us have ever heard of are allowed.

By the way - Posh Spice has departed the hotel over the road. The Police are staying in mine next week - not a hope of Sting getting the bedsit with one working plug. Stuart Copeland is a far more probable candidate


  1. While on the subject of videos I think Disney are rereleasing the Jungle Book on DVD. Well worth buying!

  2. I'm intrigued. How did you miss all those films? Was it on purpose?

    I'm really bad at picking life definineg, one-best things, hence my non-patricipation in the funeral post. Too hard to focus that hard!
    Wwhile I wouldn't choose this as the One Best Film, The Straight Story sprang to mind. It's not the most meaningful but it's beautiful.

  3. Oops. I'm not Niall at all, I'm Jo, masquerding as her husband. Now why is it that when I'm signed in to Google I still have to sign into blogger, but this just let me go straight from my husband's email account to here as him?? Bizarre.

  4. JM - that happens to me all the time cause my sister stays logged into everything so I end up posting as her.

    TB - You had me confused there for a minute, I thought the police not Police were in the hotel & was gonna say you never told us the Police were staying in the hotel but then I twigged. I love Sting.

    You had me gasping at all the films you haven't seen. Well, this may be a surprise but I def think you should watch Donnie Darko, its an all time everything classic. Also, Sound of Music, it might be time specific, i.e. have to have watched it when you were small, but it's still classic. Ferris Beuler's Day Off, the Matrix 1-3, Zoolander, there are so many.

    I think a more interesting compilation - which you invertantly already started, is which are the big films that you've never seen. For me its Trainspotting, any big 2oth war films like Apocolypse Now, Saving Private Ryan.

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  6. I've seen the ones you haven't so between us we're ok!!

    I just never bothered being into films when I was younger. Not into sci-fi and fell asleep 10minutes into The Matrix.

    The Jungle Book came out on DVD last week in the States. Bought it as an Xmas present for her who must be obeyed

  7. I would suggest Garden State, The Goonies, Dirty Dancing, Biodome, Escape from Sobibor (cant remember if this is a movie or a mini-series though), Die Hard, When a man loves a woman, Steel Magnolias, Hackers and Santa Claus the Movie. I would appear to have ecclectic tastes.

  8. I love the Die Hard films too. Also haven't seen the Rockys, the Rambos or the Godfathers. Haven't watched Sopranos either but plan to someday.