Monday, November 05, 2007

A quick congratulations! or is it?

This will be post 589 which by all accounts is amazing but even more amazing was what I saw last week in the little green bar on my google toolbar.

For 9 pounds has jumped up the pagerank table from a small little Pagerank 2 to Pagerank 5. This is quite some feat, since normally a jump of 3 ranks is unheard of.

Pagerank is how google ranks the page and the higher you rank the more prominence you have when people search google and in turn more traffic you receive.

This all seems fantastic for the hard work that has gone on here, but, and there is always a but, all may not be as it seems. Richard Hearne from Red Cardinal another irish blogger and guru of all things search related, has put up a very interesting post called google pagerank export FUD on how google may well have messed up, or possibly changed the rules a bit.

Anyhow congrats to all here on hitting this superb pagerank, while it lasts anyhow.


  1. Congratulations to us, I think. I'm still officially in denial that anyone bar us lima bean pickers read our blog and I won't have you make me say any different.

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