Monday, November 19, 2007


Hello, hello, I haven't been posting, for no good reason. I've had computer issues (not being able to access gmail panics me and stifles my creative juices!) and my mouse kept breaking. We're on mouse three at this stage). Adding that to sleepless baby exhaustion (he had a better night last night) and taking on soem work again, which I should be doing now...

So very quickly: for those who live in Greystones: there's a new off licence opening up with a stock of unexciting wines. Despite this, I've heard that someone from Eden Gate noticed lights on and people having a drink there - she went in, perused the wines, until the snotty owner came over and dug her fingers into her arm extremely painfully and rushed her out the door, saying they were't open yet.

I still don't understand how people in Retail can afford to offer rude service. But this little story goes beyond bad service. If the bitch had done that to me I would have one straight to the gardai. It's assaut, plain and simple. My mind boggles - the victim of her tender ministrations unsurprisingly lives in the large estate behind her shop, so presumably the whole estate now knows about the incident. Wouldn't that cross your mind before you assaulted a potential customer? What had she got to lose by serving her?

So let me suggest that if you find yourself outside Kings off licence in Eden Gate, that you get yourself to the new Spar opening at the end of this month instead - I may be biased but I can guarantee good service, and it sounds like much better wines as well...


  1. Jo, you are biased :-} Irish people are crap at complaining aren't we? We put up with really bad service, when we should be standing up for ourselves!

    Nice to have you back

  2. Jo at least you have an excuse for not posting, I don't! I just can't think of anything to blog about except Christmas and running and no-one wants to hear about those!

  3. That's mad. I think i'd be too shocked to say anything.