Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The 4nine£ Christmas message

Good evening and a Merry Christmas to all one's loyal subjects. It has been a momentous year here on the lima bean plantation. Well, first off it was just me, ploughing a lone furrow, scratching a meagre existence from.... what the bloody hell is a lima bean any way? It was the answer to a question on University Challenge the other night you know. Drunk with power? Not a bit of me. I digress, and not for the last time.

Then, all those months ago I managed to fool, eh I mean hornswoggle.... no, that's not right either... cajole? No. Arse. Anyway, I managed to get you lot to turn up and start ploughing your own lonely furrows into one big, messy furrow. The best if its kind in the Irish blogosphere in my humble opinion.

Have you looked back at our first week back in June recently? Young, fresh-faced, not worn down with the hard months of posting, innocent, putting far more thought into our posts. Still the harvest goes well my little ones, the spaceship building is well in progress and we shall all be making the trip to Blisstonia within twelve Rels.

My Christmas message to you is a simple one my loves; thanks for being here, for engaging in what was a daft idea to begin with, for finding community in the darkness. Over the course of the year we've lost and gained LBPs, but, in the end, we're all family and no-one is really gone forever (as Mr Pink has proven).

For the New Year all I wish for is that you bloody slackers post a bit more often!!! Particularly the boys! Jesus, I may as well turn the wallpaper pink in here with all the chick posts. Anyway...
All my love,



  1. I'm still on the list of contributors! And I think I probably still read it more than anyone else! So let me be the first to say Congratulations on founding this blog, it's a great blog, or community really if you ask me! It's made people who would never have considered blogging (or maybe couldn't manage a blog solo) into a wonderful group of bloggers (and friends)!

    Hope 2008 is an amazing blogging year! who'll be the first to start with the new year posts?

    Love and Luck guys! x

  2. I like finding community in the darkness. Thanks SL & MW.