Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas

To my fellow Lima Bean pickers old and new. This is our first Christmas together. I've had a few strange and new experiences in the last year but I never would have anticipated that I'd enter the blog world, and get so hooked into it, being wide-media-phobic. Well there you go. It's been great craic, I get to rant about things, do some minor compositions and minor exhibitionism, and ever pretend that my audience is only my lima bean pickers, I couldn't do it otherwise. It's been great communicating with you all and I hope to see some faces in the new year. Happy christmas.


  1. Happy Christmas Milan. It's been great getting to know ya!

  2. happy Christmas, everyone1 Hope we can have a new year get together.

  3. I should write a Queen-style Christmas message, shouldn't I? Glad, Milan, that I could bring you into our wider world.