Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Change is inevitable....

.....except from a vending machine (Robert C Gallagher)

I'm in work, 13 hours of enjoyment on St Stephens Day. Fuck all to do, about 4 people in the entire building, kettle not working, canteen closed, everyone munching on various bits of turkey, stories of DVD box sets wanted but not received and unwanted but given being told.
Last year I was flat out from 8am to just after midnight which meant the day flew in, this year I've got a disjointed day, busy from 7.30am to just after 8.30am, nothing to do till 10.30am, busy till 11am. Sitting idle till about 1.30pm, busy till 4pm, idle again for a couple of hours. It's a real pain in the jacksie.

To kill the monotony I'm sitting in the coffee bar reading the new Frederick Forsyth with nothing but BBC Radio 4 and the hum of the vending machine to keep me company. Have you ever pondered the contents of a vending machine and the range of chocolate that's available to an idle mind or needy stomach. Can you judge someone based on what chocolate bar they've purchased?

Case Study 1

Male Colleague – late 50s, comes over quite conservative has purchased a
Balisto which in my mind is quite an exotic bar of chocolate with its yoghurt, berries and chocolate blended together. A possible S&M lover perhaps?

Case Study 2

Female colleague – mid 30s, never speaks to anyone, man hater has purchased a
Pawelek Bar. Wants to have a go at the Polish cleaner perhaps?

Case Study 3

Sporty 40 year old male – ploughed in straight in, grunt of acknowledgement for a Mars Bar – a real man’s man I reckon.

Yes I’m very bored………..


  1. i bought advocat chocolates in lidl this year! I'm intrigued by the list of products o the link: Cakes and additives, coffee and tea, dairy, dessert, drinks and juice, fish..

    yep, sounds Polish alright!

  2. I LOVE Polish food! Helps that we have Polish friends, of course, but it's sooo yummy!

    There are these chocolate covered gingerbread things...oh, those are heaven with a cup of coffee (which I only drink with those!)

    Tib, hope the day went quickly!

  3. I liked Polish fizzy water and their noodle soup but otherwise I wouldn't be mad pushed on Polish food.

    Re vending machines, aka my arch nemesis, it is interesting to see what people pick. Especially in waiting rooms.

  4. I passed that vending machine today and smiled Tib :)