Friday, December 28, 2007

Lima beans..

It's education time. This is what a lima bean looks like. Here's what they're about. Of course we know all about them spending 10 hours a day picking them. I've hidden it well but I'm only 8 years of age. My family are proud of me because I make a good living at the farm.

Somewhere along the way, be it for a long time or just a moment, I can't quite remember, I thought that our lima bean picking took place in Peru. I also wondered a while ago when our new 49£ers joined if they were totally lost on the lima bean picking references. I think it was a random invention of our Overlord that just got picked up on - so to speak*, as these things do. Anyway, Herr Overlord if you can remember the origins of the lima bean picking in a 'let's sit down by the fire and I'll tell you a story' type of way, please share.

* I would say excuse the pun but I don't approve, why should puns be excused? They never did any harm, they just try to serve and entertain us and we brush them off as something to be ashamed of and apologise for. I'm standing up for the rights of the pun.

1 comment:

  1. So, so long ago :) It references the "Movementarian" episode of The Simpsons, as well you know Milan, where the family move into a cult compound to pick lima beans and await the spaceship to the planet Blisstonia.

    Seemed appropriate when I was setting up my little cult here :)