Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The wisdom of little ones

I don't know why the little light in my head marked "blog" went off the other day when my son told me about his list. He has one. At the age of 9.

His list of jobs he wants when he grows up. He even wrote it out for me. There are, in no particular order:


Maybe this is about what you dream of when you're little, all your possibilities and sometimes (but not admittedly for everyone) where you end up being so far away from what you wanted to begin. He's 9 and I hope he can have all of these things, all at once if that's what he wants!

I wanted to be an astronaut.


  1. 9 is a great age for aspirations! What happens after that?

    I wanted to be an astronaut too, but when I went to visit Cape Canavrel in Florida I found it incredibly dated and boring! Have you read Moon Dust by Andrew Smith?

  2. I've seen it loads of time but haven't.... Any good?

  3. I really enjoyed Moon Dust...how he portrays the remaining living astronauts and the way most haven't had the success of Buzz Aldrin was a bit of a surprise. The recluse habits of Neil Armstrong was also fascinating.

  4. Loved Moon Dust. He had a great way of explaining why the 60's was so perfect for that kind of research, for exploration and the big unknown! It wouldn't happen now....(though maybe it will for SL's son!)

  5. so cute! his list! it just sprung to mind what my nephew said to me a while back:
    Nephew: i need loads of money
    me: why?
    Newphew: so i can move to LA to join the red hot chilli peppers.

    He's 8!

    Those little folks rock!

  6. I got a great Tshirt in H & M for the baby, it's black and silver with an electric guitar and it says "Rock your baby"! Really cool!

  7. Damn...I still don't know what I want to be and I am 31 years of age. He is so far ahead of me on a maturity level I am deeply ashamed.

  8. SL/MW junior has always been far ahead. I wanted to be a nun or a ballet dancer (before 10), then I wanted to work in a Georgian building (15ish), then I wanted to work in the background of television (17ish), then I had no idea (18+). I would still love to do a dance tour of the world, it would be fantastic.

  9. MIlan it's funny cos his sister, nearly 4 repeats all the jobs as the jobs she wants to have, I hope she'll always look up to her big brother!

  10. Tell him to be a politician, loads of money and no work.....

  11. TG, he's a nice kid, popular you know, don't think social outcast is the way to go!

  12. He could be one of those nice politicians like The Kennedys

  13. At 9 years of age I wrote an essay for school about what I wanted to do when I grow up.

    I wanted to know how music got onto records and cassettes, and look at me now 35 years of age and a sound engineer since I was 17.

    One thing I will say though dont go down the acting route. I deal with them daily and the majority are egotistical.

  14. Ack, still don't know what I want to do with myself and never really did. I probably wanted to be an actress or something growing up but I guess financial services had a stronger pull eventually!