Thursday, January 31, 2008

4nine world domination

Last bit of back slapping for all of us but we deserve it. I count:

Best Group Blog for all of us

Best Personal Blog and Best Newcomer for MW and RP

RP in Arts & Culure and

Best Overall Blog Post for MW

And 5 other longlistings in total (I think!) for some of us with other hats on.

You are all genuinely talented and extraordinary and best in the judging phases!

EDIT - Tib also made it in under the wire


  1. I don't like this narcissism, it can only lead to a fall.

  2. Or a big fat prize for Midget Wrangler, hopefully! Go MW!

    Anyway, the blogging itself is the narcissism, not the shortlisting.

  3. The other group blog I'm involved with are nominated too (yes I blog outside this home!).