Friday, January 25, 2008

Blogging issue now sorted

Right. As you may have noticed I am a lazy git. When I get home the thought of going through a 2 hour start up process on the laptop is too much to bear, so I generally just don't bother my arse.

Well I have found the solution to my problems and it is not a new PC. There is this new thing now called the "Internet Cafe". It is excellent, they have computers and Internet and coffee. Ali has been making me multiple cups of coffee everyday since I opened the store here in Clare Street and now I am giving him even more money so I can stay on top of my blogging. I am so proud of myself you have no idea....

I just wanted to mention quickly that I keep getting very hilarious images in my head when I think of the phrase "Midget Wrangler". I am sure it refers to keeping kids in line or some such nonsense, but I am getting images of City Slickers and loads of dwarfs running around a pen with people lassoing them. Sounds like fun.

So now that I don't have to buy a new PC I can buy a HD TV. If anyone knows of any really good deals please let me know. I want to bring my computer gaming to the next level. Leave my job, and maybe do it full time, grow a beard and smell a bit.

Love, hugs and kisses



  1. Oh my God!

    Just because I made your fashionable life unfashionable and I misread hat for bag (at laest I didn't think you were wearing a ham on your head) So now the truth comes are a bully, pick on the short person with the silly name!! Fine!

    You don't want to mess with a woman who has been wrangling little people all day!

    I actually am thinking about calling my self midget strangler from now on!!!!


  2. Actually I know where you work for God's sake.....we shorties are uniting as I type, come the revolution you'll be the fisrt to get the chop!

  3. Welcome back Id. About time more boys posted here (I won't hark on about my threat to turn the wallpaper pink again, lads)

    As for MW? Has the pen. And the midgets. Well one or two that have survived the constant whippings and being made dress up in Ewok outfits for her personal delight.

    I've said too much.

  4. Ok, you are saying too much....Maybe I'll have to turn up the electric shock on your implant!!!! We won't talk about where it is implanted will we?

  5. I meant someone living..... Sorry, cos that looked a bit weird didn't it???