Monday, January 14, 2008

One of the few smokers left.

I smoke, have done for 20 odd years. I smoke roughly 30 fags a day. I have attempted to give them up and have failed each time.

Non smokers think smokers are weak, "sure just stop" is one that has been said to me numerous times, well comments like that are absolute crap as any smoker will tell you.

I want to stop seriously I do, I have tried patches, inhalers, gum, microtabs, Allen Carr and hypnosis but I am still smoking.

So early December I went to the doctors to get my little ones last jab before school, and decided to ask about those prescribed drugs to help give up. The doctor told me about this new drug out called Champix. Its a 12 week programme and I am now on day 10 of it. You are allowed smoke for the first week and sometime within the 2nd week you are to give up.

Well so far today at 11 o clock I have had 1 cigarette, compared to the 6 or 7 I would have had by now, my quit day is coming up soon and I feel I will succeed at last.

On another note my mood has not altered at all compared to all previous attempts.

So to any smokers out there, and I know we are few, and the 7.45 price tag is getting you down visit the doctor and give this stuff a go.


  1. I've heard the patches and gum are fairly hard to light alright.

    Best of luck with in Shan, hate the habit myself. Won't allow the mother to smoke in me company, she's like an outcast in her own home when the son comes to visit.

    Know a lad who was adament he was giving up after Xmas only to be given a Johnny Blue mountain as presents by his mates and family.

  2. I feel soory for your man, its like me, I am off to Sweeden the start of march and the attraction of cheap fags on my way there and back, is playing on my mind.

  3. Oo, you've got to start a collection pot for the money you're saving, and spend it on something fabulous and gorgeous while you're there instead! I wonder can you get Moomins in Sweden, I know you can in Finland...

    More power to you, it sounds extreme - I hope there are no horrible side effects. But the gum and patches seem so toxic to me - I rmeember a student itching frantically as the poison from the patch leached in to her arm, it made me so sad., And it's all made by the cigarette companies, I presume, which is so nasty!

    I'd love to pass this on to my husband, but sadly he doesn't want to give up.

  4. I smoked too, but gave it up right before we got married. I was able to wean myself down pretty well. Atreus tho needed pills (Zyban, I think, now shown to have serious side effects). He had the same experience you did...smoke for a bit, then wake up with no real desire.

    Apparently his last cigarette was when I was first hospitalized for my pregnancy, cause we didn't know what was going on.

  5. Jo - Moomins??? wtf, and as for the hubby just keep telling him its 7 yoyos 45 cent for a box now which is ridiculous.

    Polka - zyban was one drug that I did not want to go near, (an antidepressant that when administered to depressed suicidal folk, made them stop smoking) sounds dodgy to me although it does seem to have worked for a lot of people I know Atreus being another one to add to the list.

    This drug was made solely for smokers, it works by telling the receptors in the brain that crave nicotine that there is nicotine already in the system and so stops the cravings, it also makes fags taste worse then they already do.

    Side effects are nausea, and dizzyness mainly 1 in 10 get these, up to this morning I had not experienced either, but on my way to work I was sure I was going to get sick at any moment on the bus.

    But the way I see it if I can stop smoking I will learn to live the sicky feeling for a few weeks.

  6. If you can't, accupuncture is another one to try. It suppresses cravings too, it's worked very well for my father. But presumably you once fought through the nausea to start smoking, it seems appropriate to come full circle.

    I know Moomins might not necessarily be the best not-smoking reward, but I bet someone in your house would love one!

  7. must do some googling on these moomins things

  8. Impressive! Can't wait for you guys to come over. But I do hope this new thing will work out for you. (Should mention that if you DO fall off the wagon, the you'll have to go outside... and it will be freezing out there.)

    Moomins. Well, yes, we have them and they are lovely creatures - but they are from Finland. You'll be greeted by them every morning in my house, as you'll be drinking out of mugs like this>


    This is a lovely little site, worth checking out the other programmes. Sadly no video. But great episode guides.

    The best thing about the Moomins was that hte show looked and felt EXACTLY likehte illustrations and stories. Brilliantly done.

  10. Moomins . . . . .

    Fair play Shan. Although I do think the aesthetics of cigarette lighting smoke suit you.

  11. Dolly - I look forward to drinking from your moomins, sounds a bit perverse.

    Milan - Must change that profile pic :-D

  12. Fair play to you Shan, you'll thank yourself in the long run. Know someone who smoked for the better part of 50 years, tried that stuff you're on and never looked back!

    The "back of your mind" never goes away. I smoked briefly when I was 19/20 and even to thiss day when I'm drunk I give in to the pressure. Not often but it still happens.

    Best of luck! Means no more chats in the rain when I come to visit early in the morning though alas...