Monday, January 14, 2008


Just wondering: You know the voting system for the blog awards, well if you go in to vote do you have to have already worked out your vote for each category or can you go in vote for one or two and come back tomorrow and vote for one or two more? You see I kept putting off voting because each time I went in, it looked like I had to vote for them all, all at once. I was afriad it would look like I was trying to cheat if I voted once and then went back in again...Am I making any sense?

Yours in puzzlement.....


  1. No idea what this is all about. I only look at 2 blogs, this and Marian Keyes. I vote for Marian. She makes me cry with laughter reading her blog.

  2. Ok from what I can gather you can vote for best blog and re vote that blog in one other category, then you can put up other blogs in other categories.

    You can only nominate once, I know this cause I tried to get my page a nomination in the personal section, since it is a personal photoblog.

    Any takers?

    I hope this helps Ash

  3. Ash, you are. You have to vote all at once (ie have your choices ready when you go to vote) but you don't have to vote in every category if you don't want to.

  4. Thanks for the advice. I'd like to nominate blogs in almost every category so it's difficult to do all at once (so many URL's etc. etc.). So much to think about......

  5. Do we have any posts in particular that we want to welly behind for any category?

    Might help the cause of one of our parish

  6. Don' work that way Tib. Once something is nominated it goes to a judging panel so weight of nominations matters not a whit.

  7. so no takers for best personal blog goes to

    BooHoo me goes off to cry.

  8. Already nominated for best photoblog. Way ahead of you dude.