Wednesday, February 20, 2008


As my first action as your supreme, unchallenged and uncontested perpetual ruler I'd like to campaign for a moment. Not for me, obviously! Perish the thought.

No. My intention is to instead allow you a moment to express your love and hope of joining our beloved state, to Aileen.

Aileen. Mother to our own Shan and Id, frequest commenter, and, as this recent photo testifies, all round hottie.

She wants to be one of us. She is one of us. All she needs is your love and encouragement, in the comments below, to take that final step and jump on board the good ship 4nine£ and sure wouldn't she bring a bit of timeless glam to our group at the bloggies?

Aileen? We loves ya.


  1. Well of course it would be nice to have her on board. But I also agree with Idiot and Shan - it's quite nice having her in her role as the Mother-Commenter.

    I'm a bit ashanmed of my overuse of the adjective 'nice' here. But it's all I've got at this stage.

  2. I think Aileens main problem is fear of what to write, I on many occasions have told her its whatever the hell comes to mind and I honestly believe as our oldest writer (no offense) she would bring a very interesting side to the blog.

    I am all in favour of her writing here, but I do know she has never blogged before and would need a 10 minute lesson on how to get about the dashboard etc.

  3. hi all
    as matriarch of the family i feel i should consult my underlings .Ihave a strange feeling they might be a bit wary about what i would say especially idiot oh my god what i could say not so much on shan good kid (im looking for a nice nursing home)they do say they are putting me into one

  4. SL - winning new lima bean pickers through applaud is so last month. I think my victory was soooo much better than yours.

    AL - look i've given you your 2 letter acronym, you're in.