Thursday, February 21, 2008

The reluctant non-meat eater...

I don't eat meat.

It was an accident many years ago. Had a dodgy bit of ham one Sunday, decided to not eat meat for a few days, which turned into 15 years.

I didn't mean for it to happen and never wanted to be a person who doesn't eat meat and so was always a bit embarrassed about it.

You will note that I don't use the word vegetarian. When I order veggie option, the line always goes "are you vegetarian?" and I respond "I don't eat meat". The majority definition for vegetarian involves someone who doesn't eat meat because of interest in animal welfare. And because I don't have that interest I don't give in to the term.

It's the idea of eating meat that makes me feel sick so I can't eat non-meat that looks like meat, hence Linda McCartney food just defeats the purpose for me. I'd rather eat soup with invisible meat stock than a veggie sausage.

I still like the smell of meat though.


  1. I didn't eat red meat for years. I never really liked it as a kid, I think my mam probably overdid the Irish Stews a little.

    For quite a while it was a case of you'll eat what's put in front of you but when I was around 12 I finally took a stand and gave up for good. Never missed it once until about 2 years ago when I got a longing for a burger in eddie rocketts. I eat steak once or twice a month now and the odd burger. I still wouldn't eat lamb if you paid me(smells like feet).

  2. Irish stew is the curse of all children - my husband's mother used to make it every thursday for years, and on thursday he just wouldn't eat dinner!

    I'm a proper vegetarian, but also pretty squeamish about meat. As a child, anything with gristle, blood, veins etc, bleh! I have to say, that meat just doesn't seem like food to me.

    Some of the smells are great, some disgust me. I really miss pork products! But while it's the taste I would miss most, I think pigs are the animals we eat routinely that I would want to eat least, given their intelligence.

  3. Mmmmmmmm. Eddie Rocket's burger. Although Real Gourmet Burger burgers are worth the trip out to Dun Laoghaire for. With railway sleeper cut chips.