Sunday, February 24, 2008

I love you

I love to particular I love to blog here in this community ( forget group) blog, I feel like my family are here, I love to talk about something that rubs me up the wrong way here, cos i know my friends on the blog will tell me if i am right or if I have totally over stretched the mark!

This blog is nominated in best "group" blog......come on..that's a load of rubbish, there is no group, is there? we are a random group of people, around about the same social and democratic groups but we are so different, what we write about is different and what we want from blogging is different, we are all unique individuals, single, married, in relationships, celibate, living alone, house share, living with family, all of our life experiences are different but we are a village.

We are the anti nuclear family, we are totally the anti modern society concept of family, a lot of us have never met, but that is what we all are, family!

Life is so short guys, do not waste time, I know I did, thinking my life was so boring it would stay the same for years, never saw the positive aspects of my life at that time! Jeez, totally misjudged that! So Forgive me for being needy but I'll never give up this support network, this blog is so important to me, I have made some amazing true friends through this blog, friends I will never let slip!

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  1. mmmmm loovvee heeaarrttss. Some day soon you will be mine.

    I love us too, but I think I'm more special than the rest of you.